September 21, 2017

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add value property

WEEK 16: How to Add Value to your Property

Top 5 Areas to Invest in Leeds-200

WEEK 15: Top 5 Areas to Invest in Leeds 2018

Residential Commercial Property

WEEK 14: Residential Vs Commercial Property in 2018

Student or Young Professional Lets

WEEK 13: Student or Young Professional Lets?

Tenant Fit

WEEK 12: Why Tenant “Fit” is Crucial to Running a Successful HMO

Documents Provide Tenants

WEEK 11: Which Documents to Provide In-going Tenants

Reference Check Vet Tenant

WEEK 10: How to Vet a Tenant

Communicate Tenant

WEEK 9: How to Communicate with a Tricky Tenant

WEEK 8: HMOs - How to Maximise your Yield

Lemon Lettings Leeds Key

WEEK 7: Why are Letting Agents Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Top 10 Mistakes Property

WEEK 6: The Top 10 Mistakes Made When Renting Out A Property

Ban on Letting Agent Fees 2018

WEEK 5: Ban on Letting Agent Fees 2018

Yellow Brain What Landlords Should Know

WEEK 4: What Landlords Should Know

Week 3: How to Maximise your Rent

WEEK 2: Four Reasons to Invest in Property

WEEK 1: Lemon's 5 Fundamental Principles of Property Investing